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Why you should strive for best real estate photography

Sell more with top-notch real estate photography. NST Real Estate stands for high quality photos which attract more clients and achieve the best sales prices.

Real estate photography does more than show a property. They bring spaces to life, making them feel like a dream home or a perfect office.

Real Estate Photography of Marina Vista 2 bed Apartment for Rent in Dubai harbour
NST Photo of a modern living space

Every property owner will face the moment of finding a tenant or a buyer. Like many things in life, the first impression matters. Good real estate photos make properties stand out in search results or on listing pages. If your property doesn’t catch the eye immediately, you might miss the perfect client.

Great photos capture the mood and beauty, showing the hard work of those who built and designed it. When you use the right light, angles, and editing to make each image as stunning as the building itself you will attract more potentials buyer or tenants for sure. This is why excellent photography is crucial and an absolute MUST for every agency, homeowner and those who are managing real estate.

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The importance of real estate photography and its impact on property listings

Real estate photography is crucial for selling or renting properties. First, it captures attention. Good photos make people stop and look. Quality images showcase properties as bright and inviting, with plenty of natural light flooding through windows—a key feature buyers and potential tenants look for. Then, they create a connection. Viewers can easily imagine living or working in such welcoming spaces. This emotional connection is vital; without it, potential buyers or renters might move on.

NST Real Estate photography for stand out listing imoressions on bayut
NST Listings on Bayut.com

Also, standout photos in listings make your property more memorable. In essence, real estate photography not only makes first impressions count but also highlights the desirable qualities of properties, significantly influencing how quickly they move off the market.

What is real estate photography

Real estate photography is a specialized field of photography focused on capturing the best features of properties, both residential and commercial. It involves taking high-quality images that accurately represent a property’s space, design, and atmosphere. This type of photography goes beyond simply taking pictures; it requires an understanding of composition, lighting, and angles to truly showcase a property in its best light.

Taking property professional photos in a bed room
Photo by Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

What is the goal of a real estate photograph

The goal of a real estate photograph is not just to show a property, but to showcase it in a way that highlights its unique features and selling points.

For example, if a property owner has invested significantly in unique lighting fixtures, grand chandeliers, or a fabulous, state-of-the-art open kitchen, these elements should be the stars of the photos. A skilled real estate photographer will know how to balance the light to avoid making the kitchen appear as just a dark corner of the room or letting intricate lighting fixtures become lost in overexposure.

Kitchen Photography with indirect light
NST Photo of a modern kitchen

Instead, they’ll use techniques to ensure these features are captured in the best light, demonstrating their beauty and the value they add to the property. This careful attention to detail and emphasis on the property’s best aspects aims to create a compelling image that draws potential buyers or renters, making them imagine themselves enjoying these very features.

Essentially, real estate photography acts as a bridge, connecting sellers and landlords with their ideal clients by presenting the property in a compelling and attractive way.

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How real estate photography differs from other types of photography

Real estate photography stands apart from other types of photography in its purpose, technique, and goals. Unlike still life photography, where the play of shadows and light is used to create mood and highlight textures, real estate photography focuses on clarity, space, and the accurate portrayal of a property’s layout and features. In still life, shadows can add drama and depth, making objects appear more intriguing or beautiful. However, in real estate photography, shadows may obscure important details or make spaces seem smaller and less inviting.

Blur Effects and Focus in a Still Life Photography, Photo by FabrikaPhoto
NST Photo of spacious living room with clear colours and no Blurs

Furthermore, while still life photography often celebrates the art of composition with a focus on a singular subject or a carefully arranged group of objects, real estate photography aims to capture the essence and potential of an entire space. It requires a broader perspective, emphasizing the functionality and appeal of the property as a whole. This means using techniques that highlight spaciousness, natural light, and the flow between rooms, rather than focusing solely on artistic expression.

The primary goal is to create images that resonate with potential buyers or renters, making them feel drawn to explore the property further.

How to take professional photos: iPhone vs Camera

In showcasing the difference between good and bad real estate photos, it’s essential to understand the impact of using professional equipment and techniques versus more casual methods, such as snapping pictures with an iPhone.

It’s important to note that advances in smartphone technology, particularly with the newer iPhones, have narrowed the gap somewhat. These devices can now shoot in ProRAW and offer more flexibility in post-processing, similar to professional cameras. 

Professionall Real Estate Photos:

  • Professionally Taken Photos: Utilize specialized equipment and techniques, ensuring sharp, well-lit images that accurately capture the property’s layout and ambiance. The editing process enhances these qualities without distorting reality, presenting the property in its best light.
  • After Edits: Professional editing tools and skills can transform good shots into stunning visuals, correcting any imperfections and optimizing the photo’s appeal.

iPhone Photos:

  • While photos taken with an iPhone might once have been quickly dismissed, with adequate lighting and a good eye for perspective, impressive results are achievable. The talent of the photographer in framing the shot and utilizing the phone’s capabilities, especially ProRAW, can lead to high-quality images.
  • Considerable Light & Perspective: With plenty of natural light and a knack for capturing the right angles, iPhone photos can indeed look professional. It’s not said per se that iPhone photos can’t compete; under the right conditions and with post-processing, they can come close to professional standards.

Bad Real Estate Photos:

  • Lack of Professional Equipment: Without the use of professional equipment, some details and aspects of the property might not be as well-represented. Issues like poor lighting or distortion can make spaces appear less appealing.
  • Minimal Editing: Photos that undergo minimal or no editing miss the opportunity to correct and enhance, potentially leaving them looking flat or uninviting compared to their professionally edited counterparts.

Below, we present two examples of the same scene for comparison. On the left, you’ll see a photo taken with an iPhone. On the right, we feature the same scene captured with a professional camera, followed by careful post-processing.

This side-by-side comparison highlights the differences in quality, color, detail, and ambiance achievable with professional equipment and editing techniques versus what’s possible with a high-end smartphone.

At the end of this article, we’ll provide tips and tricks on how to take professional-quality real estate photos with an iPhone, leveraging its advanced features and applying basic photography principles to achieve the best possible outcomes. This acknowledges that while professional photography typically offers the highest quality, with the right approach and tools, iPhone photography can also produce great results.

Basic tips to significantly improve your real estate photos

At NST Real Estate, this is the absolute minimum standard when our agents photograph your property. Improving the quality of real estate photos doesn’t necessitate professional equipment; applying the right techniques is key. Here are five straightforward yet impactful tips that can immediately boost the photos you take with your mobile phone:

  1. Hold Your iPhone Properly: Position your camera at the height of your belly to chest. This perspective offers a balanced view of the space, making rooms look more welcoming.

  2. Keep Your Mobile Vertical: Aim to hold your phone almost perfectly vertical. This avoids distorted lines, ensuring the space looks properly aligned and more professional.
  3. Stage the Room: A tidy space not only looks bigger but also more attractive. Clear away clutter and arrange the area neatly before capturing your shots.
  4. Close the Toilet Seat: A minor detail like a closed toilet seat can significantly enhance a bathroom’s photo appeal, making it look tidier and more inviting.
  5. Manage Bright Windows: If windows are too bright and causing overexposure, slightly close the curtains to diffuse the light. Turning on all interior lights can help balance the indoor with the natural light, ensuring the room’s features are well-lit and clear.

Following these foundational tips can significantly improve the appearance of your property photos.

However, for those seeking to truly make their property stand out, NST Real Estate offers professional in-house photography services. Our photographers are always ready to capture your property at its best.

If you’re aiming for your listing to shine and attract more attention, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let NST Real Estate help spotlight your property in the best possible light.

Get more Clients by Making Your Listing Stand Out

Let NST Real Estate's photographers showcase the true beauty of your property.

Introducing NST Studio’s

At NST Real Estate, for of clients who decided to sell or rent out their property with us, we provide a suite of services designed to maximize your property’s appeal and market presence:

  • Photography: Every client receives our exclusive photography service, ensuring your property is showcased in the best possible light.
  • Videography: Elevate your property’s listing with our professional videography service, capturing the attention of a wider audience on various platforms.

Just need high-quality photos of your property?

No problem! At NST Real Estate, we’ve got you covered. Our team of professional photographers is ready to help, ensuring your property is captured beautifully and effectively.

Choosing NST Real Estate means accessing a comprehensive package of services tailored to make your property stand out in a competitive market.

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