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Our company philosophy is founded on trust and building a lasting relationship with you. To facilitate this, we offer a complimentary, initial consultation of 30 minutes. The purpose of this conversation is to initiate the process and establish a clear direction towards finding your ideal property in Dubai.

Agenda for our first call:

  • Introduction of both parties (NST Real Estate and You)
  • Discussion of client’s property needs, preferences and budget
  • Presentation of company’s services and how they align with your needs
  • Explanation of the property search process and timeline
  • Q&A session to address any concerns or questions
  • Setting up a follow-up meeting or call to review property options and continue the search process.

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After-Sales Services

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Take the hassle out of property ownership with our comprehensive after-sales services. From property hand over to tenant placement or resell, our team of experts will handle it all, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your investment without the stress. Trust us to provide you with peace of mind and ensure the smooth running of your property.

Our After-Sales Services contain a range of different services:

  • Handover of property and keys to the buyer or new tenant
  • Ensuring that all legal documents are in order and assisting with registration
  • Providing information about local utilities and services
  • Introducing the buyer to local service providers such as cleaners, gardeners, and maintenance personnel.
  • Introducing the buyer to Home Improvement Services if you wish to upgrade your new home
  • Helping with obtaining insurance for the property *
  • Assisting with financing and mortgage options *
  • Helping with property tax and other legal formalities. *
  • Providing guidance on interior decoration, renovation and remodeling. *
  • Helping with rental income management and lease agreements.
*We have established a vast network of professionals for specific services, to ensure that you receive the best service providers for your new property.

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